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We don’t simply sponsor world-class teams and athletes, we work extremely closely with them and use their expertise and feedback to help us develop the next range of products. This, combined with our passionate commitment to innovative design, research and development, materials and manufacturing processes, ensures we deliver technically superior components that deliver the ultimate performance that riders demand, and all at competitive prices.

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Swiss Engineering

The History of DT Swiss started already 1634 when the United Wireworks was founded in Biel, Switzerland. After a management Buyout in 1994, DT Swiss started as a small spoke manufacturer. Today we’re known as one of the world’s leading bicycle Wheel manufactures. If it comes to precision and reliability, Products like the famous 240s hub and the Competition spoke are in every cyclists mind.

In our wide wheel range, most riders can find the suitable product to their specific needs or they build their personal wheel by choosing the right combination, out of our wheel parts catalogue. Since many Years we’re a proud partner of the Focus XC Team. We’re supporting them with the best Material to reach their personal goals and try to use the input from their experience to improve our Products.
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made in Germany
Continental, the only German manufacturer of tyres in Germany. “handmade in Germany” denotes that the tyres are produced in our Korbach plant, mostly by hand and with a high proportion of manual labour from tyre design to the final quality control. For you this means offering your customers tyres with German technology – a tradition since 1871. Whether it is cross-country or enduro, success on a mtb is always such a personal achievement through dedication and hard work.
With our “handmade in Germany” products the Focus XC team is supported by Continental to help them reach their set targets in the season.
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Giessegi Srl is a company founded in 1984 by Simone Fraccaro, professional road and track rider in the 70s and 80s. The company is nowadays one of the 5 leading manufacturers of custom bike wear in Italy. Giessegi delivers its products to customers in 30 foreign countries, on all continents. Our main target is to satisfy our customers’ requests, adapting our service and products to their market needs and new trends. We have decided to keep our production in the north east of Italy, to have direct control on the supply chain, product development and manufacturing process. Our customers are asking for fast deliveries, quantities flexibility and wide range of products; we can fulfil this requests because we own and manage our production plant and we are located in a region with a long tradition in the bike and sport textile industry.
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Prologo in latin means “start of important story or things” - in cycling world the Prologo it’s the 1th stage of gran tour (usually the tt stage prologue)
That’s why our icona, the big “O” represents the STOP-WATCH. The company mission is to create the most Innovatives, performance & quality bicycles saddles worldwide;
We constantly used teams as a living testing lab to develop new product and a source for new ideas. That’s why in few years we won all the best & important races in the world (Road, Mountain Bike, Triathlon). Today, even small details can make the differents between “winner or looser”.
In few years Prologo has been working & winning along with some of the cycle legends (Sagan, Froome, Contador, Nibali, Marco Aurelio Fontana,Tiago Ferreira, Manuel Fumic, Marianne Voss, Gunn Rita Dhale). We are glad to be a part of the Focus Factory Team - we will do our best to support the team with the best & innovative produtcs.
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Rapunzel Naturkost is one of Europe’s leading organic manufacturers. The underlying idea behind Rapunzel has been the same for 40 years: the production of controlled organic, natural and vegetarian foodstuff. The first Rapunzel products were nut spreads, dried fruit and muesli. Today, the product range includes some 550 products and products such as pasta, cooking oils, chocolate and coffee belong to the core assortment. About fifty percent of these products are manufactured or processed at the headquarters in Legau in the Allgäu region.

As an organic pioneer, Rapunzel has been committed to organic agriculture from the very beginning. Therefore we developed our own organic farming projects in Turkey and around the world. Social justice, fair prices and security for the raw material suppliers: Rapunzel feels obliged to these principles in all our farming project worldwide. For that reason, we initiated our own, HAND IN HAND fair trade program in the early 1990s. Our label stands for fair trade and organic agriculture in so-called developing countries.

Today, Rapunzel summarizes its company philosophy under the slogan “organics with love”.
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KASK, based in Italy, specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets
of the highest quality. In every field of application KASK helmets are at the forefront, be it skiing, cycling, mountaineering, horse riding, rescue or safety world. Born in 2004, KASK is a relatively young company, but thanks to a talented team of expert engineers and partnerships with Italy's market-leading factories, in this short time the company has gone through a tremendous evolution marked by success all along the way. KASK has been awarded with prices like ISPO and Eurobike. All KASK’s exclusive designs and product features implemented in the helmet collections are absolutely innovative, proprietary and protected by numerous patents.
KASK does not compromise when it comes to quality and safety. Every KASK product you purchase will ensure your satisfaction and safety.
Let KASK accompany you on your next adventure!
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Taiwan is the soul of the world's bicycle manufacturers, Hsing Ta Industrial is one of Taiwan's bicycle industry grassroots pioneer, founded in 1954, is rooted in providing consumers with the best riding experience in order to develop the highest quality products manufacturing enterprises mission!
Hsing Ta industrial headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The development team in Taiwan works closely with factory in Shenzhen, determines to provide the most innovative and quality products with most competitive market price. Our products are bicycles pedals and spokes.
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